5th-8th Grade Contemporary/Lrycial

5th-8th Grade
Lyrical and Contemporary are both subsets of Jazz dance. Each include elements of Jazz, Ballet and Modern. Contemporary is a more organic, expressive style where the dancer is allowed more freedom to explore the movement quality and interpretation. The movement quality ranges from sharp and precise to gooey and flowy and is performed to a wide range of music. Lyrical, on the other hand, is usually performed to more emotionally charged and very expressive music. The lyrics of the music are generally the inspiration for the movements throughout the piece, and the movements are usually found to be very fluid and seemless. Our Lyrical/Contemporary fusion classes which explore  the various movement and expressive elements of each style, while placing focus on proper technique, body placement, alignment and control.

Class Key Features and Benefits:

  • Technical skills in center floor and across-the-floor are introduced and drilled
  • Choreography is taught and reviewed at the end of class to challenge dancer retention
  • Technical difficulty is increased throughout the year as dancers master current skills
  • Class Observation without disruption through Closed Circuit Television
  • Class performs in both the winter and spring recitals


*Leotard, or form fitting tank/tee in Black, Eggplant/Plum, Turquoise.
Tight crops/long sports bras in above colors may be worn, but only with high waisted bottoms.
*Booty shorts, form fitting capris, skirts or leggings in Black may be worn. 
*Tights should be worn under anything where the legs are exposed. 
*A thin long sleeve shirt may be worn in the cooler months in the above colors. 
*Hair should be secured out of the face (long hair in a pony tail, braid or bun and short hair pulled back with a headband or barrettes - long bangs should be secured with headband, barrettes or bobby-pins).

*Solid tee in Black, Turquoise or White
*Black shorts or straight leg exercise pants/sweatpants. 

Any color ballet slipper, modern shoe, foot thong or dance sock may be worn to class. (Dance socks MUST be laundered on a regular basis - NO STREET SOCKS will be allowed as they are dangerous.) Footwear (or no footwear) for performance will be determined once costumes are picked.

Class IdClass NameClass Start Date Class Start Time Class Length Class Ends Instructor(s)Age RangeOpeningsAction
6+CLContemporary/Lyrical 6th Grade and OlderTuesday, September 13, 20227:00 PM45 minutesTuesday, May 16, 2023Brianna Marten11 - 259Enroll