FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Upon registering for class, there will be a $25 Family Registration Fee (billed annually). This fee is due before the first class. Tuition is billed in 6 installments, due the 1st of the months Sept, Oct Nov, Jan, Feb and March. To avoid late fees, please make sure you pay your installments on time. You may, at any time pay more than your current balance. If you pay in advance, you may not receive a statement until you have a balance due. However, you may log in to your parent portal at any time to check your balance and make additional payments.
No. It is difficult to calculate costume expense. We do our best to find clearance costumes for our Winter Show. Clearance costumes, generally are not available for our Spring Recital. Costume fees added to accounts once the costumes are ordered and payment is due upon statement receipt, in addition to regular payments. If you are paid ahead, your costume fees will come from those monies.
All students are strongly encouraged to perform in our shows. Rarely, one of our youngest dancers elects to not perform in the Winter Show due to age and maturity, however, by the Spring Recital, they are usually eager to show you their accomplishments! If you are unable to participate in a show due to a conflict such as a family wedding, we still encourage you to enroll your dancer in technique classes. While our end of the year recital is an exciting time and a chance for students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired and perfected throughout the studio year, those skills are still learned, regardless if the child performs or not!
We have learned, throughout the years, we receive far better results from our students when they do not have the distraction of beings watched. That said, we understand that parents are curious what their students are learning and how they are behaving in class. We offer a Parent Participation one day a semester for the Giggle, Wiggle and Shake and Level I classes - where parents are invited in to participate throughout the class with their dancers. We also offer 3-4 observation days where we turn on our Closed Circuit Television so that the parents can observe class from the waiting area without disrupting the dance class.
For the most part, a child missing one class will not disrupt their learning. However, in the rare instance where a dancer must miss multiple classes in a row, due to a serious illness or injury, we will arrange a meeting with the parent and dancer to determine the best course of action for the dancer.
Classes rarely, if ever, get cancelled due to instructor illness or conflict. If such an instance were to occur, the families in the effected classes would receive an email and/or text notification and the class would be made up at a later date. Unfortunately, living in the Midwest, we do encounter times when dance classes are cancelled due to weather. Please review the weather policy for more information regarding weather cancellations.
Our general rule of thumb is this: *If you are uncomfortable driving, we understand if you are not at class. Our more specific policy is as follows: *If school is dismissed early or if after school activities are cancelled, due to weather, we will not have dance classes that evening. The school district has determined that the roads will be unfit for travel during out peak class time hours. *If school is cancelled in the morning, we will make a call on whether or not we will have class by 1:30pm. Many times the roads have cleared up and are safe for travel by the time dancers would need to be on the road. We will email, send messages through Remind, and post on Facebook what we decide to do for class. *For Sunday classes, we will make a decision by 2:30pm.
We understand that there is a lot of information passed on to you during the studio year, and it can seem quite overwhelming at the start. To help you stay organized we do a couple of things: *Monthly newsletters - we send out monthly newsletters with timely information. We will try to give you only the information you need before the next newsletter comes out. *Studio website - most common questions can be answered through out studio website! *Private studio Facebook group - in this group we load all newsletters, plus many other documents you may need, for easy access, anywhere you go! *Waiting area binder - we also print and store information in the binders in the waiting area for your reference. In addition to all the resources we provide for you, we also have many wonderful veteran parents who are willing to help you out in any way possible and you are always welcome to contact the studio via email, Facebook messenger or phone call.
With over 100 students, we are unable to offer parent teacher conferences. We do have an open door policy as far as communication is concerned. If we feel that there are behaviors that need to be addressed, we will come to you with our concerns - or praise! We also hope that if you have any questions regarding your dancer that you will feel comfortable approaching us. We prefer that these types of communication take place during hours other than class time. We only see some of these dancers 30 minutes a week and we want to make sure we are dedicating every minute to teaching them.
We strive to give every dancer at Creative Motion the best possible training. If we feel a student is struggling beyond what is normal, we will schedule a meeting with the parent and possibly the student, to discuss how we can better meet the needs of the dancer. We offer practice videos of recital choreography through the app iRehearse, however, if that is not enough, parents may schedule a private lesson with one of our teachers for a fee.
We offer a shoe and apparel sizing day in early August where we will fit dancers and make sure they have the appropriate dance attire for the studio year. You are welcome to purchase dance attire from any source you may find, so long you adhere to the studio dress code.
Students who look the part, act the part. We have found that when dancers come to class dressed more "professionally" they take their studies more seriously, and in turn learn at a faster rate. We understand that dance classes are an investment for our studio families and we want our students to get as much out of class as they can. We believe that requiring them to dress a certain way will help them better attain the expectations of the class. We have relaxed dress code days - sometimes with themes - throughout the semester, for a little added fun!